17 July 2012

Sound Off! Digital Dice!

How do you feel about digital dice rollers for tabletop games?

Forget it! I want to see / hear / feel those dice tumble around the table!

Hells yeah! I love that I can just set my smartphone down and let it do all the work without knocking over counters!

Pick a side and defend it below!

By: Brant


Kevin (The Big Board) said...

i use the mini app for OCS to roll dice, but it does some other work too.
If I am playing a game like TCS that has a TONNE of rolls I prefer the virtual dice.
Smaller games a good old fashioned die is nicer always.

Michael Peck said...

I thought the problem with automated dice rollers - at least when I tried them years ago- was they turned out not to be random.