26 July 2012

BULLETS! - Ceremonies

-- quick and dirty words of wisdom collected over the years --

Ceremonies belong to the senior NCOs. The officers are just there to stand out front and be mouthpieces.

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By: Brant

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besilarius said...

When FDR visited Hawaii to meet with Nimitz and MacArthur to develop the strategic plan, there was a big ceremony at pier.
Four senior admirals were in a line in full dress whites, Nimitz, Halsey, Spruance, and one other (Kelly Turner? Cannot remember.)
All the ships in harbor had their crews turned out on parade in dress whites for this important visit.
As the president was wheeled down the gangway, Nimitz gave the command to his fellow admirals to draw swords, and right face.
All drew their swords - raggedly in unison. All made a right face, except Halsey made a left face.
At this all seriousness left the assembled sailors. The collective laugh and guffaws could be heard in downtown Oahu.
Naturally, nothing was said to Halsey, but as Barney Lally, Yorktown's Fire Marshal put it, "If I'd made that screw up in front of the President, I'd be roasting on a slow turning spit til the end of the war."