07 July 2012

MCS Has Afghanistan Wargame on Preorder

The guys over at MCS have Afghan BCT Command up on pre-order.

AFGHAN BCT (Brigade Combat Team) COMMAND is an operational level wargame of operations in Afghanistan during the current War on Terror. One player takes the role of a Coalition Force commander; the other the role of an Insurgent Force commander. Each player must accomplish objectives within a particular region, using a range of regular and irregular forces.

Player decisions reflect actual Task Force Group level command via a Military Staff System. Each turn, players allocate operational capabilities, represented by Joint Operations Cards. How well a player conducts his joint operations often determines the outcome of battles. But combat is not simply attrition of enemy forces. It also includes the effects of both military and political operations, as well as intelligence play. Consequently, players must think along several fronts of modern conflict.

By: Brant

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Anonymous said...

Working on this one was very interesting, and spawned a lot of ideas for subsequent projects.