03 July 2012

Sound Off! Nigeria vs South Africa

Who is likely to be the dominant military power in Africa for the next 50 years?

Nigeria - largest population, oil wealth to fuel military expenditures, and more centrally-located?
South Africa - lower internal turmoil, decades of small-war experience, strong military industrial base developed during apartheid embargoes?

Make your case below!

By: Brant

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Brian said...

Interesting question, but the numbers are overall fairly small for both countries.

Nigeria appears to have up to four divisions, but each one may consist of one or two brigades.

South Africa has two divisions, one for "external defense" with one armoured, one mech and one motorized brigade, and one to control six motorised brigades for internal defense.

The difference will probably lie in special forces capabilities - South Africa has a lot more than Nigeria, and even though many of their best soldiers have left the SADF (especially the parachute battalions) to go and be mercenaries they probably still have the edge. This is significant when the usual size of an African country's standing army is a few battalions, usually low-quality.

Nigeria also has the brewing internal security problem with the Muslim north vs. the Christian south. South Africa has lots of internal security problems relating to poverty and tribal conflicts but religion is not one of them.