20 July 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: Flight Leader

Take to the skies and blow up the bad guys! Flight Leader put you in the pilot's seat. There were a lot of expansions and articles around this one. It's odd that there was always a ton of material for it, but you'd have trouble finding it on the table at a convention or game gathering.

Flight Leader is a turn based, hex and counter tactical game of "modern" air combat (Korean War to 1986). Each turn is 30 seconds, each hex is 1 km, and each counter is a single aircraft. It was known as Check Six when first used by the Military for training pilots as part of Project "WARRIOR"

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By: Brant

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Jack Nastyface said...

One of my fav games from back in the day...loved the board and variety of planes; game made better much better by the introduction of phased movement.

Only beef I ever had was that it didn't include some of the key differences between period aircraft. Fer example, in the screen shot above, the only diff. betwixt the Mig-15 and the F-86 is in armament (2M vs 2C). IRL, flight performance between these two rivals had a telling influence on outcomes.

But you are right...almost never see this at game cons...