23 July 2012

Connections Day 1 - Joe Miranda's Wargame Design 101

The Connections Interdisciplinary Wargaming Conference

After a long discussion over lunch about the upcoming HADR GameLab scenario, Brian Train and I snuck into the back of the Joe Miranda's Wargame Design 101 talk. Like any Joe Miranda talk, it involves a lot of showing off his own work, and one of the discussions is about a new card-driven game system called the "commando" system. The first design will be Congo in the 60s, and other upcoming games on the drawing board are LRDG, US SOF in Iraq in '03, and something else that went by on the sled too fast for me to grab. If I can steal an image or two from Joe, I'll try to post them later. Essentially, you have some card-driven missions that determine what you have to do, and "operations" cards to help you do it.

By: Brant

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