07 July 2012

Lemme get this straight... you're complaining?!

Is it petulance? If so, there are worse places to be exiled than a dock at Waikiki Beach.

In a gesture of friendship and goodwill toward an obscure former ally, warships from New Zealand have been granted special, private berthing privileges for a major naval exercise now underway in Hawaii. And wouldn’t you know it: they’re complaining. It seems that while ships from a dozen friendly countries are berthed at crowded, attack-prone Pearl Harbor, two New Zealand warships have been assigned exclusive berthing spots at Honolulu’s lovely civilian harbor, several miles away. All by themselves.

This is the first time that New Zealand forces have been invited to take part in the biennial RIMPAC exercises since New Zealand banned U.S. Navy ships from making port calls there in the 1980s. U.S. warships are still not welcome. Sensitive Kiwis detect a deliberate snub in the separate berthing arrangements in Hawaii.

“Petty, petulant and pathetic,” says the New Zealand Herald. “What other conclusion is it possible to draw from the absurd, vindictive and ultimately short-sighted refusal by the United States to allow two New Zealand naval vessels to berth at the Pearl Harbor military base?”

A quarter of poll respondents said New Zealand should pull out of the exercise because of the “petty snub.”

Well, sure, but it could be worse. The Kiwis’ temporary home is at the foot of historic Aloha Tower, a short walk from shopping, restaurants, bars and the kind of nighttime, personal-service entertainment long favored by seagoing personnel. The beaches and discos of Waikiki are a quick bus ride away.

By: Brant

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Some Kiwi said...

Amusing slant in the story. NZ Herald is a useless news outfit trying to generate a political story out of nothing but the other bias is also showing a lack of research.

I hear it was simply that our tiny wee frigate didnt fit in an appropriate berth amongst the more serious ships.

US Navy ships are not banned, US just doesnt like 'not declaring' status of Nuclear fuel/weaponry. Other nations do it fine, it is a 'dont ask dont tell' policy currently.

If our guys get to go, it should be much better at the civie harbour rather than the military base.

Stupid political hot air, best to be ignored by everyone.