02 March 2007

Real danger? Or CYA by the cops?

nbc4i.com - News - 'MacGyver' Type Bombs Recovered At Apartment Complex
Police described the explosives as 'MacGyver type devices' that don't need lighting to explode.
'(The bottle) starts to expand and it can't hold any longer and the bottle explodes,' said Columbus Division of Fire Battalion Chief Doug Smith.
Authorities said the devices were 2-liter bottles filled with hazardous chemicals.

I'm sure every person who's been in the field with the military was chuckling at this. Sounds just like someone crumbling an MRE heater into 20oz soda bottle, dumping some water in it, and screwing a cap on tight. What's really fun is watching some E4 with an attitude pop them around a tank ammunition supply point, and then watch the E5 in charge go ape-shit as little explosion pop off every 20 minutes.
MacGyver indeed... These things are only dangerous if you try to swallow them.

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