17 September 2007

If you think that's the reason...

The State | 09/17/2007 | IN FOCUS: the war in Iraq
• Let the generals run the wars
Tom Turnipseed wrote a criticism recently of President Bush’s use of advice from his generals (“The president who obeys his generals?”).
Strategy in the Vietnam War was directed by Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara and other civilian authorities.
Dams that contained surface-to-air missiles were off-limits to bombing attacks. This policy resulted in losses of American aircraft and crews.
In contrast, World War II plans were directed by Gen. George C. Marshall. World War II ended in total victory over two formidable foes. Vietnam concluded in a withdrawal with 50,000 casualties.

Uh, yeah, because it was just bombing target choices that cost us the war in Vietnam... not a complete lack of exit strategy... Never mind that when we left, the VC were broken, the NVA were on their side of the border, and the ARVN were a formidable fighting force capable of repelling an invasion in 1972. It was when Congress cut off the money to the ARVN that it fell apart, and the 1975 invasion from the north rolled right through the south.
Even handcuffed, the US left Vietnam with most of their objectives intact.


Newspaper Hack said...

Don't forget that bombing the damns would have flooded the country and caused mass starvation.

Brant said...

Yep -bombing a "damn" would've meant we gave a "dam"...