21 September 2010

Attacks in Yemen Coincide With US Visit

There are a ton of civilians on the run after governmnet attacks on local AQ fighters have spilled into the mountains.

As many as 15,000 Yemeni civilians have fled their homes as the government pursues a new offensive against rebels in the country's South, officials say.

The fighting is focused on the town of Huta, in the mountainous Shabwa region, where Yemeni forces have said up to 100 suspected al-Qaeda fighters are hiding.

Almost all the town's residents have reportedly fled from deadly clashes that have been raging since Sunday.

The fighting comes during a visit by a top US counter-terrorism official.

Presidential advisor John Brennan is in the country to discuss a military aid package reported to be worth more than $1bn (£640m) over the next five years.

The US stepping up its training, intelligence and military aid to the country following a failed plot to blow up a US plane last December, for which the Yemeni wing of al-Qaeda claimed responsibility.

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By: Brant

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