22 September 2010

Lean, Mean Professional Wargaming

TSJ Online has a very good article about Decisive Point by Michael Peck.

Lunsford’s games are the polar opposite of the U.S. military’s traditional big, one-size-fits-all simulations. Instead of complicated, high-fidelity designs that stumble over their own complexity, Lunsford and his company, Decisive Point, produce small, tightly focused games that cover everything from tactics for platoon leaders to counterinsurgency to logistics and force structure. With tightening defense budgets and the U.S.’s insatiable appetite for training games, Lunsford’s smaller, cheaper approach might be the wave of the future.
Lunsford, a former airborne battalion commander and CGSC instructor, creates teaching aids — games that can be quickly learned and played by West Point cadets or CGSC students in a few minutes.
“The design has to be something they can learn in 10 minutes or less,” Lunsford said. Perhaps more important, this makes it easy for the instructor to learn and teach, so that he can begin a lesson with a bit of game play and still have time to teach the rest of the materia

By: Brant

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