27 September 2010

Aussie Soldiers Charged in Afghan Op Fallout

Looks like they're headed for a trial in Australia over the deaths of Afghan civilians on a raid in early 2009.

Three Australian former special forces soldiers have been charged over an operation in Afghanistan in which six civilians died and four were injured.

The ex-commandos conducted a night-time raid in February 2009 on a residential compound in Uruzgan province, where a Taliban leader was said to be hiding.

It is alleged they attacked the wrong house. Five of the dead were children.

The charges include manslaughter and dangerous conduct. It is not clear if all three will face the same charges.

The men, who have not been identified, were part of a Special Operations Task Group.

My favorite quote is further down in the article:

Two of the soldiers said they planned to strenuously defend themselves.

How else would you defend yourself, if not strenuously?
"You know, I feel like defending myself, but I'm not going to strain anything doing so..."

By: Brant

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