23 September 2010

UN Condemns an Israeli Action - World Not Surprised...

Before you get in a tizzy about the UN Human Rights Council investigation that condemns Israel's raid on the "aid" flotilla, remember that this is the same body that thinks that the People's Republic of China, Zimbabwe, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan belong on bodies assessing other's performance with regards to "human rights"...

Israel's military broke international laws during a raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, a UN Human Rights Council investigation says.

Its report said the action by commandos, which left nine dead, was "disproportionate" and "betrayed an unacceptable level of brutality".

It said there was clear evidence to support prosecutions against Israel for "wilful killing".

Israel rejected the report as "biased" and "one-sided."

It insists its soldiers acted in self-defence during the 31 May raid.

Nine Turkish pro-Palestinian activists were killed and many others injured after Israeli commandoes boarded the six-ship convoy as it tried to breach an Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.

The convoy's passengers were detained and later deported by Israel.

There was widespread international criticism of Israel's actions, which severely strained relations with its long-time Muslim ally, Turkey.

By: Brant

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