21 September 2010

NEWS: Chopper Down in Afghanistan. Shot down?

The online article simply says the helicopter went down, and 9 died, but as I'm watching the morning news shows, they're saying the Taliban has now stepped forward to claim credit.

A helicopter crash killed nine troops from the NATO-led force in Afghanistan's south on Tuesday, making 2010 the deadliest year of the war for foreign troops just as attention turns to plans to start withdrawing them.
Violence is at its worst across Afghanistan since the Taliban was ousted by U.S.-backed Afghan forces in 2001, with military and civilian casualties at record levels.
The crash came soon after one of the deadliest days of the year Saturday, when the Taliban launched scores of attacks across the country in a bid to disrupt a parliamentary election.
The election was being closely watched in Washington ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama's planned war strategy review in December, which will likely examine the pace and scale of U.S. troop withdrawals after nine years of war.

Will update this as more of it breaks.

By: Brant

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Matt Purvis said...

The Taliban takes credit for everything except blowing up civilians.