24 September 2010

So This Is What Blackwater Did Off Duty...

Wired's Danger Room blog has a shocking article on alleged out-of-control behavior by off-duty Blackwater employees in Iraq. Among the highlights:

... use of steroids and human growth hormone, testosterone, were pretty endemic to them and almost companywide ...

"company personnel had large amounts of cocaine and blocks of hashish and would run around naked.” Addled guards would step onto the balconies of the their rooms at the Hamra Hotel, point their automatic rifles at Iraqi housing complexes and open fire.

And to think I would look up at the Blackwater MD-500's buzzing over Baghdad and think "I wish I were that guy sitting on the skid with the tricked-out M4. He must be having more fun than me." Well, I guess he might have been, but it's not my kind of fun.

Kudos to the author, Spencer Ackerman, on the article's title, by the way: "Ain't No Party Like a Blackwater party, 'cause a Blackwater party Got Coke, 'Roids, and AK's." These Blackwater guys make Coolio (who wrote the rap song "Sumpin' New" with the often-paraphrased line) and his homies seem like a bunch of amateurs when it comes to partying.

By: Guardian

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