22 September 2010

COA Analysis: China Gets Frisky (Reader Participation Required!)

So what would happen if China decided to get a little frisky about the islands in the South China Sea? What do you think happens if China is the aggressor? How does the US reaction change, and how does the world react to the US reaction?
There's already been tensions over several of the islands out there in the Pacific, and the US has made 'generic' remarks about aggressive moves in the South China Sea. And the Chinese are clearly flexing their muscle when they get the chance.

So what sayeth the readers? Pick a course of action and tell us how you see things playing out...

By: Brant

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Guardian said...

This one seems fairly straightforward to me: if China fires the first shot at one of our allies, I think we have to respond. If, on the other hand, China responds to a military move by one of our allies, I say the ally is on their own.

I considered saying that our national interests also compel us to respond but I'm not quite willing to accept that our national interests are truly at stake in the small islands of the South China Sea. The issue at hand is oil and the real solution is to get off the juice because it's not going to last forever, no matter how many wars we fight over it.