08 April 2011

Azimuth Check on the Future of GrogNews

A few months ago, we asked y'all to weigh in on The Future of GrogNews...

One of my comments on that post was
Here's what I *don't* want:
- reviews that talk about the same thing every other review talks about: graphics, rules, gameplay, rinse/repeat... there are already enough of these sites.
- too many developer features about their upcoming games... again - I don't want to cut into other people's work, especially if they're doing it better than we would (like Battles Magazine - freakin' awesome and you should *totally* check it out!)
- scenarios for too many historical games - we're trying to cover current events and conflicts

Here's what I would like to see, but I am time- and resource-constrained:
- Game graphics... I *love* showing off good game graphics
- scenarios for modern-era games, especially if you can base them on current events
- maps of current-event locations, converted to a game map
- analysis of current events with a game context
- forward progress on C2E2
- doctrine or operations-related content, kind of like my old Battle Lab / and current Warfare Affair columns
- comparisons of how different games model the same weapons, effects, practices, units, etc.

Now, I know I'm not quite hitting the mark on these, but I would like to think we're getting more wargaming discussion into the site. We're also trying to involve the readers more with things like "Sound Off" and "GameTalk".

Talk to us - since the new year started and the content has shifted some, what do you like? What don't you like? What haven't we done enough of? Where are we over-loaded?

By: Brant

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Zachary said...

I've only been visiting the site for about a month and I haven't taken the time to look at too many of the past posts, (I have checked out the OOB posts which are very nice), so I can't comment too much on the changes, but here are my answers to your questions:

what do you like? I like the fact this blog focuses on military current events and games/simulations reflecting those events.

I like Sound Off, the new Game Talk, your posts about your Modern Ops card game and Random Friday Wargaming. I also like the posts about current events and military news/information.

What don't you like? So far, there is nothing I really dislike about the content of GrogNews. The only aspect of the blog I find a bit frustrating is the format of Blogspot, which I'm guessing you have very little control over. The column on the left hand side of the blog is a treasure trove of information, but a lot of new content from the sites you list is often "below the fold" so to speak because I don't scroll every time I visit the site. (I know, I know, I could visit those sites and add them to my RSS reader...)

What haven't we done enough of? Your list of posts you'd like to see more of, but don't have the time for, looks great. I especially like, "analysis of current events with a game context" and "doctrine or operations-related content".

My other suggestions would be:

- introduce, (or possibly review?) books or military documents that might be of interest.
- if someone has the time to play a game to post an After Action Report.
- maybe posts about how wargames are used for training or learning purposes.

Where are we over-loaded? I don't think the site is "over-loaded" with anything, but again, I'm a fairly new visitor, so maybe others will have better input.

Hope you find this helpful.