26 April 2011

Sound Off! Arctic vs Equatorial Operations

You're off on a deployment...

Snow, ice, wind, and cold - send me to the poles and let me bundle up!

Heat, humidity, and stable temperatures - I'm headed to the equator!

Plan your trip in the comments with your thoughts!

By: Brant


Guardian said...

I really can't stand humidity. I came back on a mid-tour trip from Iraq and had to attend a conference in Charleston, SC in August, where the temperature was right about 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the humidity was 100%. I *couldn't wait* to go back to the 130-degree, 10% humidity conditions in Iraq.

I've never been to the polar regions, although Chicago winters growing up were pretty darn cold. I'd gladly take my chances with the devil I don't know (Arctic conditions) against the devil I do know (heat and humidity).

-- Guardian

Brant said...

I choose arctic as well. My theory is this: I can always put on more layers if i get colder, but there's a limit to how naked I can get if I'm too hot. And the limit of how naked I can get is much further down the line than anyone wants me to get.