06 April 2011

Manning Illegally Installed Software on SIPRNet

The investigation into Bradley Manning's traitorous actions has now determined that he illegally installed software on his SIPRNet terminal.

Accused WikiLeaks source Pfc. Bradley Manning installed and used unauthorized “data-mining software” on his SIPRnet workstation during the time he allegedly siphoned hundreds of thousands of documents off that classified network, the Army said Friday in response to inquiries from Threat Level.

Manning’s use of unauthorized software was the basis of two allegations filed against him this year in his pending court martial, but the charge sheet listing those allegations was silent on the nature of that software.

On Friday, an Army spokeswoman clarified the charges. “The allegations … refer to data-mining software,” spokeswoman Shaunteh Kelly wrote in an e-mail. “Identifying at this point the specific software program used may potentially compromise the ongoing criminal investigation.”

She added that the two allegations relate to “the same data-mining software used on two different dates.”

I gotta ask why he's got admin rights to his SIPRNet box? How did he get permission to install any sort of software on that terminal?

By: Brant

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