12 April 2011

Sound Off! Cool Graphics or Witty Sayings

You're shopping around online for a cool military t-shirt. Are you looking for...

A witty, humorous play on words?

A bad-ass graphic that's wearable art?

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts!

By: Brant


Guardian said...

The best military-themed T-shirts incorporate both, like my all-time favorite. It shows a trooper just absolutely covered in weapons and equipment. I don't have it in front of me, but I think he's carrying an LMG, has a shotgun in a scabbard on his back, a pistol on each thigh, ammo bandoleers across his chest, frags, smoke, flash-bangs, multiple knives... just a ton of stuff. The caption says, "If you die first, we're splitting up your gear."

Those of you who know me can appreciate the humor in this T-shirt as it relates to me. If the s*** ever does hit the fan, team up with me. I might not be the most high-speed operator, but at least you'll be able to loot my body for all kinds of Gucci gear when I go down :).

As an aside, another quick war story: my OIC for my second deployment to Afghanistan knew about this tendency in me. He made very clear, in his dry but funny way, that I was NOT to show up at our APOD, which was a commercial airport, festooned with weapons and ammo like Pancho Villa or the Frito Bandito :).

-- Guardian

Brant said...

just remember - if zombies are chasing us, we're tripping you :)

Guardian said...

... and leave all the high-speed gear to the zombies?!