11 April 2011

It's 4-11 Day!

OK folks... today's the 4-11, so we want the 4-11! Sound off in the comments, and give us the following:

1. What's your favorite wargame?
2. If/when/where did you serve?
3. Your favorite live (not studio!) album?
4. Most under-appreciated piece of clothing you own?

By: Brant


Brant said...

I'l start!

1. ModQuad 2, specifically, Yugoslavia, but like them all. Also a big fan of ModQuad 1, especially W├╝rzburg.

2. Active duty US Army 94-98 FHLCA, and FICA. USARNG for 10 more years after that.

3. Live and Dangerous - Thin Lizzy

4. Red anorak jacket from RL/Chaps that's a perfect lightweight/water resistant travel jacket. I never got on a trip of more than 3 days without it.

Guardian said...

1) The Harpoon series on the PC.

2) Contractor, US Army, FBNC, 2001-2009 plus deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, been working at echelons above reality since 2009.

3) I honestly don't have a favorite live album. I'm lame.

4) 5.11 Covert Casual pants, which I reviewed on GrogNews earlier this year. I wear them for work, out-and-about, and at the range. They're comfortable, functional for self-defense, and relatively low-profile.

Wargamer said...

1) My favorite game is probably the Close Combat series right now, replacing Steel Panthers simply because I came to it much later.

2) No service.

3) I'm with Guardian - I didn't realize I had to have a favorite live album. Maybe Phantom of the Opera if you're really going to force the point.

4) Underappreciated clothing? Probably my Batman briefs. Nobody seems to give a rat's ass whether I wear them or not.

Shelldrake said...

1) Panzer General back in the day. I know that it is wargame lite but it was like nothing that I had ever experienced.

2) Canadian Forces Primary Reserve, 2nd Field Artillery Regiment, 1974-1980.

3) Road Rage - Great Big Sea

4) Felt Australian bush hat that has kept my head dry for over 25 years.

Anthony N. Emmel said...

1. Tough one. Currently I have a hankering to get out eithee Harpoon or Avalon Hill's Bismark.
2. 1988-1990, US Army, Ft. DEvens, MA
3. Nightwish, The Tarja farewell tour.
4. My sketchers.

Matt Purvis said...

I cut my teeth on Risk. I've been enjoying the detail and challenge in The Battle For Normandy(GMT)

'02 - '08 the forested utopia of Ft. Bragg and a less hospitable Afghanistan

3. Old Blind Dogs Play Live

4. My Doc Marten boots. I've been wearing them since 1999 and not a hole in sight.

Brian said...

1. Minuteman, especially with the Joe Miranda extras.
2. Canadian Scottish Regiment, 1981-90.
3. Devo Live
4. Under-appreciated? Socks I suppose; they're important but I don't thank them enough, and toss them when they get holes.