27 April 2011

GameTalk - Fog of War

There are plenty of ways to replicate the fog of war: dummy counters, blocks, untried units, question marks, etc.

What FoW mechanic do you like best, and why?

By: Brant


Pete Maidhof said...

As an often solo gamer, untried units, as found in MBII Bundeswehr for example, have worked well for me.

Marc G said...

It's tough. Most fog of war mechanics that don't involve a third referee are somewhat clunky. A simple approach (while not perfect, covers a key aspect, response) is to indicate in the scenario description that certain elements cannot be targeted until nearby units are either within a certain (much closer) distance, or they make a roll to "see" them.

It's easy to say that you can just wait until they get close enough to see them, but in a game where every turn is critical, do you really want a portion of your forces just sitting there doing nothing, hoping that they'll see these nearby units?