19 April 2011

Commander in Chief?

Yes, we inject politics into GrogNews on a regular basis, but we not to let it dominate what we do, unlike some other mil-blogs. That said, I've been watching a lot of news lately and a lot of it is talking up the 2012 election and Donald Trump; even Doonesbury has an arc running on Donald right now. People want to talk about how he talks to people, how he 'fights back at people,' how he has a (supposed) understanding of solid business numbers, etc.

That said, we've got a particular frame of reference here in mil-blog land, and I can't help but watch Trump in all his speeches and think "Oy! I cannot possibly imagine him as the commander-in-chief of our nation's military." Am I the only one thinking this? I hope not...

By: Brant

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Dan Eastwood said...

You are not the only one thinking this. I think Trump has very little in common with the vast majority of the population, military or civilian. I would not vote for him on the basis that he is not capable of viewing the world as I see it (whether or not I agree with him).