14 April 2011

First Fight Between Tanks

A nice computer-based animation of the WWI engagement between the Brits and Germans.

For a boardgame of the fight, check out the upcoming issue of Battles Magazine, which includes a free game of the engagement.

By: Brant

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besilarius said...

Hey, Brant,
thought you might be interested in this little gumdrop of history.
During World War Two, at a command conference attended by Eisenhower, Montgomery, Bradley, and Patton among others, Montgomery was explaining a plan for one of his armored attacks.
After going into the details and units, he summed it up by commenting, "I shall leap upon the Germans like a Fierce Rabbit."
The americans were pretty surprised by this turn of phrase, just assuming it was some british phrase they had never heard of. (Although Patton had some choice comments that are unprintable in a family blog like yours).
Well, it is a fact that the british unit in the video had a nickname, "The Fierce Rabbits". So Monty was harkening back to the first tank battle in history.
By the way, Brant, really enjoy GrogNews. Thanks for all the time and effort.