16 September 2010

Another Perfectly Calm and Measured Response from Islamic Clerics

Oh, wait. They want her to die. Never mind.

A cartoonist has disappeared from public view because she's on an Islamic cleric's hitlist for declaring 'Everybody Draw Mohammed Day' last spring, according to a newspaper that ran her drawings.
Seattle Weekly Editor in Chief Mark D. Fefer posted an article Wednesday saying Molly Norris is 'moving, changing her name and essentially wiping away her identity' on the advice of the FBI.
The FBI's Seattle counterterrorism program manager, David Gomez, told msnbc.com that he could not confirm Fefer's statement about Norris changing her identity.
He did acknowledge previous FBI statements that Norris had been warned of a serious threat.
While the FBI is not in the advice business, Gomez said, "In extraordinary cases we will assist individuals in obtaining proper advice."

By: Brant

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