08 September 2010

Boat Collision Raising Tensions in South China Sea

The BBC is reporting about heightened tensions between Japan and China after a boat collision in disputed waters.

A diplomatic row has intensified between China and Japan after collisions between two Japanese patrol boats and a Chinese trawler on Tuesday.

Beijing has urged Japan's ambassador to stop the "illegal interception" of Chinese fishing boats.

Meanwhile, Japan has arrested the captain of the Chinese vessel.

The incidents in the East China Sea took place near a disputed chain of islands, which Japan controls but are claimed by both China and Taiwan.

According to state media the Chinese authorities told the Japanese ambassador that his country must stop what it called illegal interceptions of Chinese fishing boats.

A Japanese Coast Guard spokesman said the Chinese vessel had collided with two Japanese patrol boats in two separate incidents, 40 minutes apart. No injuries were reported.

She said the 41-year-old captain of the fishing boat had been arrested after repeatedly ignoring requests to leave the area.

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By: Brant

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