08 September 2010

COA Analysis: AfPak Border Wars (Reader Participation Required!)

Continuing our ongoing COA Analysis series, we want your thoughts on any of the four following courses of action along the AfPak border regions. What happens if the US forces cross the border? How does that change if Taliban attacks increase or decrease?

Given the current tensions there, and the fact that some US forces are "not" across the border (wink-wink, nudge-nudge), would we see a US airmobile raid into Pakistan? Are we going to get a battalion patrolling across the border? And how will the Pak's react to it?

So what sayeth the readers? Pick a course of action and tell us how you see things playing out...

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By: Brant

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Well so far, I think US forces -have- crossed the Pak border and are already operating [covertly] there and are having some success with shooting terr's using UAVS. I think the grid mihgt need to be relabeled at the top to say 'conventional forces cross Pak Border" and focus on [overt] crossing of the border rather than [covert] actions like we have so far.

if the US forces cross the Pak border there will be an increase in taliban attacks at first anyway, just because we're in their back yard and theyre going to fight for it. but I think longterm that's the only way to get the larger attacks to stop and decrease. It's a lesson we shouldve learned from Viet Nam- you can't let the enemy hid over an arbitrary political border. if they don't respect it, and the nation whose border they're crossing won't protect their own border then they are complicit in the border crossings and we should ASSUME permission to follow and engage.

it will cause a stink at first but once the taliban are dead in holes in the ground the attacks will stop and the US can claim success and maybe even share it with the Pak's so they don't look so bad.