16 September 2010

Cut Bases? Check. Save Money? Check. Buy More F22s? We Didn't *Say* That, but, y'know...

Let's see, the Air Force wants to help the military save money by cutting bases. Perchance to load up on a more F22s and F35s?

The Defense Department could save "big money" by closing more military bases, the four-star general who commands U.S. air forces in Europe said on Wednesday.
General Roger Brady said closing military bases could help avert cuts to military hardware and troop levels as pressure mounts on the defense budget.
"We've got too many daggone bases," Brady told the annual Air Force Association conference, noting that base closures could save millions of dollars a year while averting more onerous personnel cuts or reductions in military missions.
"We really need to look at the real estate question again. I don't think we can afford not to," he said.

By: Brant

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