08 September 2010

Naval Planner Predicts Climate Change Battles For Canadian Military

According to a recent article written by Lt. Cmdr. Ray Snook, Canada may be drawn into future conflicts caused by dwindling supplies of food and water.
A recently published article by Lieutenant-Commander Ray Snook of the Defence Department's directorate of maritime strategy says the military may have to step in if conflicts flare over dwindling supplies of food and water.

“There will be a clear need for peace support operations too, and being called upon to intervene overseas and to help prevent or to resolve conflicts may occur more frequently,” he wrote in the summer issue of the Canadian Naval Review.

“Canada has a proud history of responding to these demands and in guaranteeing the physical security required to stabilize and reconstruct.”

Some people – including U.S. President Barack Obama – have warned climate change could lead to violence if essential supplies run low. They see access to fresh water as one likely trigger.

Countries struck by natural disasters or extreme weather events may also seek military help, Lt.-Cmdr. Snook says, just as Haiti did after a powerful earthquake in January.

“Several reputable think-tanks and senior military officials have drawn the conclusion that increasingly Western armed forces will be called upon to conduct humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief missions,” he wrote.

“As the only government organization with the ability to undertake such missions on a significant scale, the public will expect nothing less.”

But he warns more than one call for help at a time could strain military resources.

The entire Canadian Naval Review article can be found in this downloadable excerpt.

By: Shelldrake

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