09 May 2012

Army Staff and High School Cliques: A Comparative Analysis

This is pretty inspired... an analysis of how Army staff sections map to high school cliques over at Two Jonahs

S1 (admin) - Yearbook Committee: This is group of people that think their job is much more important than it actually is. They are usually mostly female and their main job is to make sure that they know who everyone is, but they usually forget some people here or there. (see photo not available)

S2 (intel) - Goths: Almost never seen out in the sunlight and when they are they are very disengaged from the rest of the group. Usually very quiet and will not talk to others unless it is to dispatch some crazy warning about a mysterious and probable made up danger.

S3 (operations) - Jocks: For some reason this group has total authority over all the other groups despite any merit or logic. They are by far the biggest and most desirable group to be in, but resented by the other groups. Any decision made by this group, however frivolous, must be carried out by the rest under penalty of being shunned and mocked.

S4 (logistics) - Drug Dealers: A necessary evil, this group is generally disliked, but condoned by the other groups. They develop strange and intricate webs of favors and have far reaching connections and "hook ups" to get people what they want. Almost any request given to the group is changed and manipulated in the end to whatever they can get their hands on, which most people are generally happy enough with. Any dealing with this group could result in a loss of a significant amount of money for the individual.

There's more... follow the link above for the S5, S7, Special Staff, and the Hippies!

By: Brant

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