14 May 2012

HRW Calling for Investigation of NATO; Call for Libya Coming? You Know Better

Look HRW, if you want to grab headlines, fine, keep calling for NATO to investigate civilian deaths in Libya. But if you want to be a truly effective and neutral broker of rights investigations, you better damn well call for an investigation of the civilian deaths caused by the now-deposed Libyan gov't, too.

A leading human rights organisation has urged Nato to investigate fully the deaths of civilians in air strikes in Libya last year.

Human Rights Watch believes Nato air strikes killed at least 72 civilians and says the organisation needs to bear responsibility where appropriate.

"We're calling for prompt, credible and thorough investigations," HRW's Fred Abrahams told BBC News.

Nato insists it took unprecedented care to minimise civilian casualties.

It argues that it cannot take responsibility because it has had no presence on the ground to confirm the deaths.

Aircraft from the US, the UK and France conducted most of the 9,658 strike sorties last year, targeting forces loyal to Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi.

By: Brant

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