23 May 2012

GameTalk - Digital Dominance

How do you model digital systems and the information they can provide on today's battlefield? Do you include intel bonuses for those that have digital dominance? Or do you penalize the speed of their decision-making based on the reality of having waaaaaay too much data to sift through? How do you represent the fielding of new systems during the conflict in the game? For instance, troops were already in Iraq when TIGR started to roll out.

Your thoughts below!

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

Digital warfare should control Fog of War type effects.

Reduce negative modifiers for organisational confusion.

Depends on how abstract the kill/suppression mechanics are to actually give direct bonus there.

Perhaps better to have them mostly remove obstructions to actions due to intel & battlefield awareness.

besilarius said...

One thing that would make every game different might be a random draw of development cards, or a table to roll on?
Suppose there were a bunch of potential developing technologies, say battery technology, better download technology, more powerful laptops?
At the start of the game, you could more or less resources into R&D, without knowing what you might get from the boffins.

Then you would have to figure what the effect on gameplay/intel would be.
Maybe better radios would give you an extra movement factor/lower your casualties/improve supply situation.
Not being sure what would come from R&D, and thus not knowing what special results will come through halfway through, would make each gameplay different and fresh.
And, of course, both sides would be working on this, so the enemy's capabilities could change as well.