17 May 2012

US Plans to Strike Iran?

So the US ambassador to Israel openly admits what everyone's known for a while - that the US has 'plans' to attack Iran.

U.S. plans for a possible military strike on Iran are ready and the option is "fully available", the U.S. ambassador to Israel said, days before Tehran resumes talks with world powers which suspect it of seeking to develop nuclear arms.
Like Israel, the United States has said it considers military force a last resort to prevent Iran using its uranium enrichment to make a bomb. Iran insists its nuclear program is for purely civilian purposes.
"It would be preferable to resolve this diplomatically and through the use of pressure than to use military force," Ambassador Dan Shapiro said in remarks about Iran aired by Israel's Army Radio on Thursday.
"But that doesn't mean that option is not fully available - not just available, but it's ready. The necessary planning has been done to ensure that it's ready," said Shapiro, who the radio station said had spoken on Tuesday.

Look, the US has plans to attack damn near everyone. Somewhere in the bowels of the Pentagon is a plan to attack Sweden, in case we ever need it. Just because there's a plan doesn't mean we want to / will use it.

By: Brant

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