23 May 2012

Shhhhh... Saudi Arabia "bans" English language

So someone tell me - if the Saudis really did ban the English language, how are they supposed to use the -10s and -20s for the M1 tanks and F15 / F16 aircraft we sold them?

The government in Saudi Arabia has decreed that the English language is to be banned by all government and private agencies. They must now use only Arabic, the language of the Quran.
The Gulf News reported that the use of the English language, widely used in business, has been banned, as has the use of the Gregorian calendar. The Islamic Hijri calendar will replace all use of Gregorian dates which are being used unnecessarily, according to a statement issued by a Saudi Ministry.

How do you break down the quarterly services schedule into the Hijri calendar, anyway?

By: Brant

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