25 May 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: The Falklands War

30 years ago today, Gareth Parry filed this report with the Guardian from the Falklands.

The time is 2 pm on a sunny afternoon and we are under attack from Mirages and Skyhawks of the Argentine Air Force. A bomb has just sent up a huge plume of water only a hundred yards away, between our ship and another supply vessel loaded with war merchandise.

We watch as shore batteries and missile systems on the war ships open up against a deafening cacophony from the deck machine guns and naval guns.

Two enemy planes are streaking in silhouette across the green hillsides around San Carlos Bay, one like a red dart. Suddenly they are twin balls of smoke in the blue sky and there is clapping and cheering from the decks of the warships and supply vessels in the bay.

The Argentine warplanes had hit one of the ships, although at first sight the damage did not look serious from our position. It was ironic that this was being fought out above the still visible wreckage of the frigate Antelope hit in Sunday's savage air attacks.

This week, we point you towards one of several games that let you replay the fighting. The Falklands War has a significant naval component leading up to the ground war.

No CSW thread, sorry. We gotta get back to pulling some games in that have threads, eh?

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By: Brant

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