04 May 2012

Random Friday Wargaming: Tacforce

Something different for your Friday... a set of GDW microarmor rules - TacForce, from Frank Chadwick.

Nifty how the rules are mocked up to look like US Army field manuals from the time.
Plenty of places online to find it for sale, but no discussion boards out there to be had!

Master links/images from Boardgamegeek.com; message boards linked to Consimworld. Other links to the actual game pages...

By: Brant

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besilarius said...

Pretty certain this came out in late 1980s. There was a microarmor group in northern Virginia which included a number of army personnel who worked in the Pentagon.
At an old hobby shop in Alexandria, The Little Soldier, they played this game when it was brand new.
Mostly they liked it, so good.
Some of them talked it up at work, and the shopowner was surprised to have a sudden demand for these modern armor rules. Normally only Nazis and Tigers got that kind of response.
Never could verify it, but supposedly the rules were very thoroughly tested within the Pentagon, and borrowed from by the army.