31 May 2012

UK In Action: Damn, It's Cold

A Royal Navy Submariner shovels ice from the upper deck of HMS Tireless within the North Polar Ice Cap. The Trafalgar Class submarine was taking part in operation ICEX 2007, conducting classified testing on submarine operability and war fighting capabilities in the Arctic waters.

img from UK MoD

By: Widow 6-7


Brian said...

It's funny, you don't think of a shovel as being very useful on a submarine, therefore not part of its standard equipment. But it is. Reminds me of a science fiction story I read once where the hero and his spaceship get into a jam, and getting out of it required not one, but two buckets of mud. Who carries buckets on an advanced spacecraft?

Brant said...

> Who carries buckets on an advanced spacecraft?

Janitors who don't want to clean up vomit from space-sick passengers?