23 May 2012

A Bad Idea, Repeated, Is Still a Bad Idea

After MMOWGLI failed to accomplish anything meaningful in examining the issue of HOA piracy, the Navy decided to not accomplish anything meaningful in their quest to explore ending oil dependence.

The Navy is hoping that online game playing will yield new ideas as the service seeks to reduce its exposure to the uncertainties of the global oil market.

The Energy MMOWGLI — short for Massive Multiplayer Online Wargame Leveraging the Internet — calls on players to respond to a range of future scenarios where the Navy’s ability to respond to disasters and security threats is blunted by fuel shortage.

The competition, which runs this week and is open to the public, comes out just as the Navy’s long-term plan for using alternative fuels has been threatened by lawmakers who have criticized its costs.

Earlier this month, House Republicans passed a measure that would bar the Navy from purchasing fuels that cost more than conventional fuels. The biofuels currently being purchased by the Navy for its jets, ships and vehicles cost four to five times the price of fossil fuels.

Within the game, players are open to consider biofuels and any other options that take both consumption and efficiency into account. Players watch videos briefing them on the scenario and then propose ideas in 140 typed characters that advance a small-scale strategy.

Because there's great & deep wisdom in gamers with 140-character limits. (Sigh)
MMOWGLI got over-run with uselessness because they over-valued the repetitive contributor, instead to trying to figure out a way to value the valuable contributor. Doesn't look like they've made any improvements.

By: Brant

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