18 May 2012

Awesome. With a Side of Awesome-sauce

May we present.... The Claymore Hitch Cover!

...our new products team thought it would be great to bring this unique claymore mine hitch cover to the market place.

We know it will get a second look from the tailgaters in your community, but what the heck, you only go around one time. Our Replica Claymore Hitch Cover is closely patterned after the original. It is virtually the same size and is manufactured from solid polypropylene with UV additives for durability and color fastness and fits 2" standard receivers. The connectors and internal space are solid so there is no chance that it can be confused as a real Claymore mine. We do however strongly advise you to install a hitch pin lock or it may just disappear.

By: Brant

1 comment:

Brian said...

Sure beats those stupid "Trucker Nuts" I see all the time.