13 September 2011

Can Congress Vote Themselves a Clue? Or Would That Add to the Budget Deficit?

It continually astounds me to find out what they don't know.

Questioner: Back in the '80s and '90s, when the country was debating the size of the defense budget, a phrase was heard all the time -- tooth-to-tail ratio -- and it's not heard at all now. And my question to you is: how does our current tooth-to-tail ratio compare to the past, and is that a way to approach where cuts should be maybe focused.

[Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Republican Representatice Howard] McKeon (to AEI moderator Thomas Donnelly): What is tooth-to-tail?

Donnelly: That would be the ratio of support troops to trigger-pullers, basically.

Yep. The Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee doesn't know what the tooth-to-tail ratio represents.

By: Brant

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