30 September 2011

Guns 'n Gear: 21st Century Sniper Rifle

Check out the Lockheed-Martin One Shot prototype sniper rifle on Military Time's Gear Scout. This puts a high-tech aiming system on a .308 sniper rifle. The aiming system combines a traditional rifle scope with a laser range-finder and a LIDAR-based sensor to measure down-range wind conditions. The wind sensor technology is important for long-range shots at 600 yards and beyond where reading and compensating for the wind becomes critical. You can read more about MS2, similar products, and the underlying technology on the Accurate Shooter site.

And, if you just have to have something like this to put on your own personal precision rifle, check out the Burris Eliminator or one of its competitors. They don't have the wind sensor and aren't quite up to tactical standards of durability and reliability (as a prototype, One Shot might not be either), but they seem well-suited to waging the annual war on Bambi or her bigger, Western cousins.

By: Guardian

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