14 September 2011

GameTalk - Propaganda

What, if any, role can propaganda play in a wargame? Does it have a strategic effect? An operational effect? A tactical one?
How about the effects of counter-propaganda?
Under what circumstances might you try to include propaganda in the game, and to what end? By what means might you track it?

By: Brant


ltmurnau said...

I do it all the time in my strategic COIN games. Both sides get to do it, and depending on the game its effects can be to bolster one's own or reduce the enemy's political will, or to get a social group on or off side. Reducing the political will will eventually demoralize forces and they fight less effectively, so it has an operational effect too.

besilarius said...

For a game like Diplomacy, propaganda was part of the experience.
It suited multi player very well and face to face.
Have not seen really good propaganda done over a computer screen.