12 September 2011

Israel's Submarines

A significant part of their nuclear deterrent, and what ensures their counterattack capability... and yet, does anyone out there know of any wargames in which the Israeli sub fleet is included?

Just like Israel’s submarine fleet is secretive, so are its commanders. Colonel Oded, 44, has recently completed his tenure as the fleet’s commander, ending a chapter of more than 20 years where he performed almost every command post in the fleet. “If a layman would see submarine troops from the side, he would not understand how we can withstand it,” Oded says in a rare interview. “It’s a group of people who perform missions at very certain locations and feel like home there. People wake up for their shifts, eat breakfast and follow a routine in the least trivial locations one can imagine.”

When I ask Oded whether his troops’ passports would be filled with stamps, had they theoretically stamped them at border control, he smiles and says nothing. Indeed, we can imagine that these virtual passports would have been full of stamps. The Navy’s submarines, as opposed to other vessels, never dock at foreign ports, including friendly ones. This is the nature of the service: The submarines only dock in Israel.

By: Brant


ltmurnau said...

The only game that comes to mind is maybe Rand's old Missile Boat.


Otherwise, it seems that Israeli subs can go most anywhere they please (in the water, at any rate) and launch what they like, as far as their likely enemies are concerned or capable.

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Jon Compton said...

It may show up in the States of Conflict game, forthcoming from MCS Group.