19 September 2011

UK In Action: Sling Load

A Royal Air Force Chinook helicopter brings in vital supplies to a Forward Operating Base during Operation Omid Haft in Helmand, Afghanistan. A quad bike stands by to deliver the stores once on the ground. Images of A Company, 1 Rifles Conducting a Helicopter Assault Force (HAF) Operation into the town of Alikosi in Helmand province where they were to take over a local compound in the Taliban strong hold and set up and Ooperational Check Point (CP ZARAWAR). From Here the guys will patrol out at the same time as building up defences for their position and improving living conditions they will integrate with locals provide security and force the Insurgeny out of the area.

img from UK MoD

By: Widow 6-7


acekard dsi said...

This makes Americans proud to see our soldiers are able to do things like this. It may sound simple, but this was a very complex process, not to mention dangerous for CH-47F Chinook doing the lifting.

Brant said...

You know those are Brits, right? There's a reason the photo series is called "UK In Action" :)

Brant said...

As a public service we want to warn our readers against clicking on the name of the poster above me. It's a link to some spam/commercial site. At least the spam post was moderately topical, so we're going to leave it in place, if only to point out how spam-noids can try to be sneaky and still fail thanks to a basic lack of headline-reading.