09 September 2011

Norks Threaten the World With... Another Parade

Yep, no one parades quite like the Norks.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il and his son and heir stood together on a podium Friday as goose-stepping troops carried rifles, rocket launchers and a large portrait of late President Kim Il Sung in a massive military parade marking the 63rd anniversary of the country's founding.
The footage from Associated Press Television News in Pyongyang and the North's official television provides a glimpse of the Kim family displaying its power as the country moves toward a hereditary succession and the April celebration of the centennial of the birth of Kim Il Sung, North Korea's revered founder and the father of Kim Jong Il.
The North Korean military's show of force in Kim Il Sung Square included anti-aircraft and artillery guns, multi-rocket launchers and other heavy weaponry.
This year's parade was unusual because the North normally holds such military extravaganzas in years that end with five or zero. It suggests Pyongyang is bolstering efforts to unite the country ahead of next year's centennial. The North touts 2012 as the beginning of its rise as a strong and prosperous nation.

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

All their parades should be like this!


Brant said...

you know we had that one here a while ago :)


Anonymous said...

It's still good...
and now I'll have that tune in my head all day.