05 September 2011

UK In Action: HMS Illustrious Underway

Royal Navy Aircraft Carrier HMS Illustrious is escorted by tugs as she returns to Portsmouth following her refit in Scotland. HMS Illustrious returned to her Portsmouth home today (July 7) after completing a £40m maintenance and upgrade programme in Scotland. The 22,000 tonne ship, affectionately known as Lusty, was in the Rosyth dockyard in Fife for 16 months where she underwent modifications to turn her into a helicopter and commando carrier capable of carrying a force of up to 20 helicopters and 600 fully kitted out personnel. Since leaving Rosyth on June 18 Illustrious has been undergoing sea trials off the UK coast. She will carry out further tests off the south coast before returning to the RN fleet at the end of this month.

img from UK MoD

By: Widow 6-7

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