21 September 2011

GameTalk - Firing the Commander

There have been plenty of times in which incompetent commanders were sent packing from the battlefield - preferably before their guys get killed. GEN Marshall fired damn near every US general at some point during WWII. And yet, they were being fired for a reason, and their replacements were almost universally better.

How do you fire a general from division command in the middle of a game of Third Reich? How do you swap out commanders in an OCS game, or AVL/AVD? When President Lincoln had a revolving door on the Army of the Potamac, how do you swap out commanders, especially when there are a limited number of counters in the mix to reflect changes in the units?

What mechanics can you use to change leadership on the battlefield in a wargame?

By: Brant


besilarius said...

Was in a microarmor tank game of the Eastern Front. Each side had a CinC and a couple of task for commanders.
One fellow on the Russian side was really swimming in deep muck. Could not get anything right, and was seriously hurting the side's plan.
Fed up, the CinC, who was active duty, sent a message via the gamemaster.
"Two NKVD officers show up at your headquarters and give you a note, "All my regards from Unka Joe."
Then the gamesmaster handed him a 9mm round.
Cracked everyone up. The game was a total write off, but we laughed over that for years.

Anonymous said...

are there games that have leader counters that can be swapped out? can you change leaders in Squad Leader or Lock'n'Load?