06 September 2011

Sound Off! MREs or C-Rats!

If you've had the dubious 'pleasure' of trying both, sound off...

C-Rations: gimme P38 can openers, round crackers, and dinner you can throw in a campfire

MREs: I want crackers that double as ballistic inserts, squeeze tubes, and water-activated chemical heaters

Sound off with your thoughts below!

(and did anyone ever notice the scrambled eggs looked identical in either one?)

By: Brant


Anonymous said...

C-rats... there was something about canned crackers :)

And the packaging was easier to eat out of, too

Brian said...

I've tried them all, as well as the Canadian field rations that inspired the MRE: the Individual Meal Pack. Now there's good eatin'...though the choice of menus was considerably shorter when I was in.


The Canadian Forces also had the Individual Ration Pack, before the IMP, which was like C-rations in that everything came in cans but had civilian coloured wrappings. The canned bacon was actually quite good.

Ah, but don't get me started reminiscing about these things....

besilarius said...

Did not care for the hot dogs and lima beans (think that is right)>
The only thing I really hated was the John Wayne toilet paper.
"Don't take no $hit, off of no body."