01 September 2011

Today's Wargaming Tidbit

If the're the guy responsible for briefing the turn update for the wargame, it helps to, y'know be at the wargame and pay attention to what's happening. It really helps when (a) you tell people what actually happened instead of ad-libbing on stage and getting it wrong, and/or (b) can't accurately explain the visual represntation of the data you're providing to the players. Don't be a seagull. Stick around and pay attention to what's happening, especially if you are the trusted public mouthpiece of the game to the players.

By: Brant


Brant said...

I also love it when the participants stand up and say "you should've shown us the model on day one!" No. If we had, you'd've spent 2 days doing nothing but min-maxing inputs like some stat-obsessed 1w-year-old D&D player instead trying to realistically apply your tools in the game to the problem. Sometimes exercise control needs to save you from yourself.

Brian said...

Sigh.... yeah.

(been on days off, haven't been monitoring your site)