10 September 2011


This does not end well: 14,000 rounds of ammunition missing from Fort Bragg

Authorities are trying to find 14,000 rounds of ammunition missing from Fort Bragg in North Carolina.
The ammunition went missing from the 1st Brigade Combat Team at Fort Bragg, said Staff Sgt. Joshua Ford.
The missing ammunition can be used in the M-4 and M-16 assault rifles.
Someone alerted Fort Bragg leadership about the missing items on Wednesday, Ford said.
After the report, the 1st Brigade team, about 3,500 people, was placed on lockdown during an initial investigation, Ford said.

By: Brant

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Matt Purvis said...

I used to live right off Bragg and found a trail near the house one day. I followed it for my morning run and was surprise to find myself at the ammunition supply point. No gate, no fence, no guards. I'm sure this is something else entirely, but I was a little dismayed at the ASP physical security.